Reimo Pop Top Roof Conversion

Reimo Roof

Reimo Roof Fully Fitted Price Starts at £2999 + vat.

Option Extras:

  • Colour Coded Roof £350 + vat.
  • Roof Bed £540 + vat.


To book a Reimo roof fitting or if your require further information, please drop us an email at or call us on 01803 525750.

Here are our top 5 reasons to choose a Reimo roof:

  1. Outstanding warranty (3 years parts, 7 year shell).
  2. An extensive and available range of spare parts (in the unlikely event that something does go wrong with your roof).
  3. Wide choice of VW T5 roofs for SWB and LWB vans, Front Elevating, Rear Elevating, Superflat, Easy Fit and Ergoline Hightop Roofs.
  4. Buy with Confidence. As official UK Reimo agents,  Installations are in full accordance with Reimo’s instructions to ensure high quality SAFE installations.
  5. Enjoy a Reimo roof bed that is built to take the weight of two adults, not just kids!

Reimo Roof Fitting Service


If you are looking to add a VW T5 Elevating Roof to increase the versatility of your van then we can fit Reimo elevating roofs to both SWB and LWB VW T5 Transporter vans. Our most popular roof is the Reimo Superflat elevating roof. We also regularly fit the Reimo Easy Fit roof for customers who want the ‘California’ look front spoiler on their pop top. The Reimo Easy Fit roof adds approximately 8cm to the height of your VW van. All roofs can be colour coded to match your van and the Reimo roof bed system can be added as an optional extra. We only fit and keep in stock TUV approved Reimo elevating roofs. For an elevating roof fitting we require your van for approximately 3 days.

The REIMO elevating roofs is the most popular addition to any campervan as it gives you over six foot of standing height. It also gives you the option if adding an elevating roof bed to add an addition double bed into you campervan which is designed to take the weight of two average sized adults.

All vehicles are fitted with reinforcement strengthening frames with the roof itself being made from fiberglass. The roof comes with hinges at the front or back dependent on whether your wanting the main height to be at the front or rear of the vehicle when elevated. All of our main conversions use the front elevating roofs which give you all the standing height in the centre of the vehicle and towards the front with the rear seating being permanently fitted at the rear of the vehicle. The roof is opened by undoing two tie down straps at the front and with one good push the roof will open with two hydraulic gas struts pushing the roof up and holding it fully open when in use.

All roof canvases comes with 3 windows for good ventilation and visibility out. The two side’s open up to mosquito netting first to allow air circulation but both can be fully opened for full ventilation. On the front of the canvas you can unzip the panel to expose a plastic perspex screen to allow more light in during the day. The canvas themselves are a breathable and waterproof material and like all high quality tents the canvas does need to be looked after over the years of use to keep it protected from weathering.

All roofs come can be colour coded to your vehicle. The roofs themselves add about 7cm to the overall height of your vehicle which depending on the vehicle itself will bring the total height of the van around the 2 meter mark. (I.E Less than 2 meters if vehicle lowered or just over if standard ride height)



The most common addition to a conversion with an elevating roof is a roof bed. The REIMO roof bed is very neat, easily pushing up on hydraulics which follow the roof line to give standing height inside the vehicle when the bed is not in use.

It is then very simple to pull the bed down with its mattress already in place, ready to be used. Although this is often used as a child’s bed, it is possible for two adults to sleep up in the roof in comfort.